No Culture? Create one

Work culture is what defines everything we do and everything we say. Some companies prefer to let it create on its own and some start defining it at the beginning. In the end, both need to live by it.  Here's one workshop you can use to start creating your own.
I once participated in a workshop that defined the values and principles of a starting company.  As it was so simple to follow and had practically everything to start rolling, I've used it ever since on my own workshops. With slight amendments of course. 

From this quick win you'll find:
  • Workshop Powerpoint. You can edit as much as you'd like. I'm not greedy.
  • Workshop handout.  
Some tips to guide you through workshops:
  • At the beginning of the workshop, spend some time to define the aim of the meeting and what should come out of it. Let the group set the rules for brainstorming.
  • Speed date exercise: would be great to do it with someone you know least. In addition to the good ideas it also breaks some ice in the room if needed. After each question change your date.
  • For the ethnographer exercise, the perfect group number is 4. It gives everybody a voice and leaves the intimacy and courage to share the ideas.
  • After every exercise, change the groups if possible. Gives an opportunity to validate ideas.  
Workshop Powerpoint
Workshop Handout 

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